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If your yard is a soggy mess, especially after a good rain storm, your current drainage situation — or lack thereof — needs to be overhauled. Twelve Oaks Landscape Co. knows the importance of proper yard drainage, which can prevent water or flooding damage to your property. In addition, a properly operating drainage system such as a French drain can prevent harmful erosion or keep it in check. As one of the vital components of any landscaping installation job, drainage systems in Scottsboro, Boaz and beyond should be installed by a professional skilled in this area.

That’s where Twelve Oaks comes in. We believe expert installation is complemented by quality, respected brands and materials. That’s why we use the EZflow Drainage System that can efficiently collect water from downspouts and direct it away from your house. In addition, it can collect pooling ground water that causes damp, soggy and puddled yards. Flooded areas are not only unsightly, dangerous and foul smelling, they’re also a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes. Not to mention — a soggy yard is no fun to play on for kids and pets!

Why French Drains?

A French drain is essentially a trench usually filled with gravel or rock, featuring a perforated pipe that redirects surface and ground water away from a particular area. Used primarily to prevent excess water from penetrating or damaging foundations, they can also be used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure. The EZflow French Drain that we use is a prefabricated trench drain offering a gravel-free option to the traditional French drain, cutting installation time in half by eliminating the need to transport and shovel heavy gravel.

Rely on Twelve Oaks Landscape to bring qualified experience and skill to all types of drainage problems that commonly occur in North Alabama and the surrounding areas. Let us create a plan for you for proper drainage system installation to manage the issues you are experiencing. Addressing issues affecting both commercial and residential properties, our team will use the EZflow Drainage System to manage any drainage or erosion control problems inherent in your Jackson County property.

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