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Are you a property manager who just acquired a new multi-family dwelling or apartment to renovate and sell at a profit? In order for the condo or duplex to appeal to prospective buyers, both the inside and outside must look amazing. Even if you’ve fully renovated the entire interior as well as installed new siding on the exterior, the structure won’t have much curb appeal unless the surrounding landscape is top-notch. From clean-cut shrubbery and mulch areas to flower beds and manicured walkways, boosting the appearance of the landscape goes just as far to improve the unit’s value as a full interior renovation job does. In addition to aesthetics, proper lawn care and landscaping provide an added level of safety to your tenants as they go about their daily lives, as well as visitors to the home, such as postal workers, package delivery personnel, food delivery drivers, and guests.

Hassle-Free Property Maintenance Plans

We know you’re busy as a property manager — in fact, you may have multiple apartment houses, duplexes and condos to manage at any given time. Fortunately, we offer hassle-free property maintenance plans that take the stress out of juggling the lawn care and landscape needs of your properties. Who has time to coordinate lawn mowing, especially at the height of the spring and summer when you’re limited on time and have multiple apartments to look after? You’re too busy trying to manage your business, let alone worry about cutting the grass or planting fresh flowers.

That’s where we come in. Let us come up with a custom-tailored schedule of services that ensures no stone is left un-turned. You tell us what’s most convenient for you, what your requirements are, and what your budget is. We have a plan for every need and budget, setting up a recurring schedule that you never have to worry about. We show up, do our job, and leave, all without you having to be there or sign for anything. For time savings and peace of mind, lean on Twelve Oaks Landscape for all your property management lawn care needs.

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I just got in about an hour ago and was so surprised and pleased how our yard looks. Thanks so much for taking such good care of us. We really appreciate it. You know there are fewer and fewer people who truly stand behind their business and reputation. You have a great future ahead of you.

Cindy Lowe Fort Payne, Alabama

My Lawn is beautiful. Thanks for the great service!

Randy Owen Fort Payne, Alabama

Thank you so much for the dependable yard care.

Francis Jagoe Fort Payne, Alabama

Great Service! Thank you!

Chuck Johnson Fort Payne, Alabama

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