Your Complete Guide To Fall Yard Cleanup

The fall is a wonderful time of year, especially in the temperate climates we get to enjoy in Alabama and other areas of the South — but as much as we love brisk sweater weather, we don’t always love the yard cleanup that comes with the leaf-losing season. Fortunately, with a comprehensive checklist and a game plan for how you’ll accomplish your lawn maintenance, you can usually knock out your outdoor chores long before the pumpkins are ready for carving and the corn is ready for harvesting.

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Autumn Aeration 

When you smell the aroma of pumpkin spice and dried leaves, it’s high time to aerate your lawn! Fall and spring are two of the most important aeration periods for any yard, so you don’t want to miss either one of these maintenance sessions. Why aerate in the autumn season? When the temperatures drop in the later months and the cold sets in, you want to make sure your grass and roots systems are firmly planted and fortified with the appropriate nutrients they need to survive throughout the winter. Aerating your lawn before the in-laws arrive for Thanksgiving is the perfect way to ensure that your grass remains green, hearty, and healthy when the springtime thaw rolls around!

Fall: When To Fertilize

In addition to aeration, fertilizing your lawn is a crucial step in the autumnal landscaping process. Ideally, you won’t have to use much fertilizer at all in your grass and garden, but this one-time fertilizer application can be extremely beneficial in helping your yard grow stronger roots in preparation for the inevitable winter. 

Please note that if you haven’t yet laid down seeds or sod, you may want to wait until the post-frost period of spring is in swing to fertilize your soil. In the fall months, however, you can still work your soil by tilling it; this primes it to receive the nutrients that are sure to be absorbed from fallen leaves and plant matter.

Trim The Old, Plant The New

Trimming back old, overgrown tree branches or shrubs and removing plants that have already died are important parts of the fall yard cleanup process. Not only do dying branches suck the nutrients from the healthier parts of the plant, but they’re subject to break under the weight of snow and moisture if not properly trimmed. Once your existing hedges, trees, etc. are trimmed or removed, you can put the soil to optimal use by planting a new hedge or sapling. A popular choice for many landscapes in Alabama is the beautiful crepe myrtle, which you can learn more about by reading our pruning guide!

Rake On A Regular Basis

Almost no one truly enjoys raking leaves, but it’s an important part of the fall yard maintenance routine. If you can, try to set aside a couple hours per week that you can designate to raking up fallen leaves, as this recurring routine will make the overall upkeep less taxing than it would be if you wait until the last few weeks of the leaf-losing season. 

Work With A Local Landscaping Company

Lastly, you can maximize your fall cleanup efficiency and yard care efficacy by working with a team of professional landscapers. At Twelve Oaks Landscape Co., we offer a number of property management services — and seasonal specialties! — that can vastly improve the longevity and appearance of your lawn, garden, and outdoor living areas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare your yard for the fall season, so that once the Halloween candy is up for grabs, you won’t be worried about something as unfestive as grass.

Alabama Outdoor Living Guide: How To Begin Your Backyard Improvement Project

Alabama Outdoor Living Guide, Part I

When you live in a Southern state such as Alabama, it’s practically essential to have a backyard space and patio area that are optimized for outdoor activities and comfortable day-to-day living. In this landscaping guide from our seasoned crew of contractors, we give you some professional tips and industry insight as to how you can easily transform your yard into an outdoor living space that’s worthy of neighborhood envy. 

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Getting Started With Outdoor Living

1. Define Your Outdoor Living Design

The first phase of your outdoor living enhancement efforts should focus on developing an idea of how you want to decorate the project area and design the landscape of your property. Start by assessing the area that you’ll be working with. 

This helps you determine what your property can already accommodate, as well as what, if anything, needs to be changed about your current outdoor living situation. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a small section of the lawn or you already have a well-established patio and seating area in place, it’s possible to make any backyard better with just a little bit of landscaping know-how and creative inspiration.

Once you’re comfortable with the initial layout and structure of your backyard, it’s time to get creative and start brainstorming ideas for landscaping design, potential hardscape structures, and overall outdoor aesthetics. You don’t need to know exactly everything that will be included in your final outdoor living design, but if you have a general idea of what types of decor you tend to prefer — such as Southern Chic, California Casual, or a mix of metals, masonry, and rustic wood accents — then the pieces of the puzzle will come into the right place as you progress through your property enhancement project.

2. Find The Perfect Outdoor Furniture

Not every home has an area specifically designed for patio furniture and everyday living. However, even if your backyard is limited in space and sprawl of grass, there’s always a way to make room for the outdoor furniture you’re eager to feature. 

When you begin searching for the perfect furniture, consider how your ultimate selection of cushions, lawn chairs, hammocks, and whatever else you want to add will play off your overall outdoor decor vision. 

If you’re going for more of a modern and/or minimalist kind of curb appeal, perhaps you’ll focus on lots of black, white, and neutral colors for the largest pieces and items of your patio furniture. 

In the same way, if you’re a fan of vivid colors, unique upholstery, or eclectic combinations of outdoor designs, then you might want to consider an area rug in a solid or subdued color to add a sense of cohesiveness to the overall collection of outdoor furnishings. 

3. Build Out Your Backyard 

Despite what the name might suggest, hardscaping doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right vision, plan, and professional support for your project, it’s easy to make virtually any hardscape design for your outdoor living area into a solid success. 

If you’re not already familiar with what hardscaping is, it can be thought of simply as a counterpart to landscaping. The difference? Instead of dealing with plants and living components as a landscape contractor might, a hardscaping pro works with all the elements and structures of outdoor living that don’t require regular pruning or watering. 

In other words, hardscaping is everything that landscaping is not — which means it encompasses outdoor furniture, patio structures, decks, water features, fire pits, and so much more!  

If your backyard doesn’t already have in place your desired type of hardscape structures, you may want to consider working with a qualified contractor as you go about building out your personal portion of the Alabama outdoors. Begin by looking for a local landscaping company, and be sure they have a team of experienced contractors who specialize in hardscaping and outdoor residential construction. If you want to start your research on the right foot — and we don’t mean to toot our own horn — we think our extensive portfolio of hardscaping projects speaks for itself. 

Looking To Learn More About Outdoor Living in Alabama 

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In this starter guide to outdoor living, we covered a fair amount of material that may benefit and boost your backyard design project. If you want to ensure that you continue to follow best practices for both landscaping and hardscaping, you can start the next installment of your outdoor living journey immediately — click here to read the next how-to guide in our Outdoor Living series!

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