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Custom Landscape Lighting To Illuminate Your Property

When planning and designing your greenspace, take advantage of landscape lighting options that will optimize and enhance your greenspaces. Whether you are looking for lighting to prevent trips and falls, or if you are looking for a way to highlight your prized hydrangeas, we can assist in finding the right fixtures to illuminate your property efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

Mix things up! The best landscape designs incorporate lighting solutions that combine form and function. Lighting serves many roles in your exteriors and the right fixtures transform your entire property, turning it into something truly special. Let our professional landscape lighting experts show you how to maximize the inherent beauty and utility of your outdoor spaces, while also keeping those you love safe and secure.

Outdoor Conversation Spaces

Turn your outdoor areas into additional seating for guests and friends when entertaining by creating a warm and inviting conversation space. Utilize modern amenities, including lighting, to replicate the atmosphere of an interior- outside! Ask about weather-resilient lamps and torches that can provide enough ambient lighting for dining, playing games, or reading, while also setting the mood for a serene sanctuary that you want to spend time in. Is outside space limited? Make the most of small nooks and crannies with warm white light and unique space-saving fixtures that meld with the outdoors while achieving the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

The most effective and dramatic landscape designs rely on several different and distinct lighting solutions to completely illuminate the property. Create your own eclectic mix with your landscape lighting expert to find the perfect balance of utility and style to suit your home and greenspace.

Talk to a landscape design expert to discover the many benefits of landscape lighting.

There are numerous benefits of paying attention to your landscape lighting; use fixtures and designs that marry form and function. Create an inviting exterior, while also beefing-up your own peace of mind. What are you waiting for? Talk to an expert and reap these benefits now:

  • Safety — Businesses rely on clever landscape design strategies to increase safety – and homeowners can too. While there are many advantages of implementing outdoor light fixtures to illuminate your yard and garden, safety is perhaps the most important one. Light-up uneven terrain, steps and stairs, outdoor obstacles, and other potential hazards to create a safer environment for your loved ones, friends, and visitors.
  • Security — Deter trespassers from hiding in the shadows around your home – and possibly putting your family in jeopardy. Adequate outdoor lighting can significantly reduce risk of crime, which may have a positive impact on your homeowner’s insurance rates. Talk to our team about creating an inviting, yet secure façade around your property through landscape lighting suggestions.
  • Curb Appeal — Optimize the aesthetics of your home and property with lighting solutions that create a welcoming and well-maintained curb appeal. Consider cool versus warm light options by using bulbs measured in kelvin units; seek lower numbers for warmer, yellowish lighting and higher kelvin measurements for cooler, blue-tinged effects on your property.
  • Optical Illusions — Does your property have issues or obstacles? Lighting can help; hide inherent issues with clever fixtures, such as spotlights for dark pockets or solar stakes for aggregate surfaces. Make a small yard seem larger with light, or warm-up a vast property with cleverly-positioned features and fixtures.
  • Property Value — Make an investment that will return in overall property value later by maintaining a well-designed landscape — including your lighting. Landscape experts can point to the best options when looking at reselling value increase potential, while also improving everyday living for you and your family.
  • Feng Shui — Those familiar with the ancient art of Feng Shui know that lighting is one way to achieve positive energy and good chi. Create a harmonious balance with lighting that doesn’t leave bare spots or scarce illumination in areas; create a gentle wave of light that encompasses and spans your entire property. Landscape lighting experts can suggest ways to highlight natural features of your yard and that forms a flow to guide guests through your greenspace.

Considering LED Lighting?

Most modern and contemporary landscape designs incorporate many different types of lighting, including LED. “Light Emitting Diode”, or LED fixtures create soothing and serene settings while also curbing the costs of outdoor displays. The choice is yours, but consider these compelling advantages of switching to LED:

  • LED costs less to use — Who doesn’t want to save money? LED is cheaper to use and can save you money on overall utility costs, over time. Many homeowners consider upgrading to LED to be an investment in their home’s value and integrity.
  • LED has a longer life-span — Tired of changing light bulbs? It is estimated that LED bulbs and fixtures can last up to ten-years! Typically, it is not unusual for LED to burn 700-times longer than a standard light bulb. This drastically decreases the time spent changing and replacing bulbs, and over time, can put money back in your pocket.
  • LED is energy-efficient — The key to the energy savings with LED lighting is through the technology. These modern bulbs are efficient and the perfect solution for tricky fixtures of outdoor options that may be exposed to the weather.
  • LED is cool — You won’t have to worry about heat radiating from your outdoor fixtures when you use LED lighting technology. The bulb stays cooler, which can prevent potential damage to any sensitive or vulnerable plants in your distinct landscape.
    Ask your Twelve Oaks about LED, as well as other lighting options, including halogen and compact fluorescent light fixtures that can bring your landscape vision to life, efficiently and stylishly.

Paths and Walkways

Path and walkway lighting is integral for keeping your friends and family safe on your property. It makes good sense to mark your parameters, which naturally draws the eye down the path toward a specific area, entry, or feature. This effortlessly acts as a guide to those entering your property. Illuminating meandering paths through a large yard or garden can also create an intriguing and natural focal point.


A deck can serve as an extension of your interior living space, opening up more room for lounging, recreating, and entertaining. There are various aspects to deck lighting that warrant careful consideration to ensure ample illumination and enhanced safety to all who venture on your deck. This may include footlights, ambient, task or pendant fixtures, depending on the deck’s size, your home’s needs, and your personal preferences.

Lawns and Gardens

There are practical reasons to light-up an expansive lawn or unruly garden; it can prevent a fall, deter unwanted visitors, and show-off your property’s assets after dark. However, effective and efficient solutions require thought and careful strategies implemented by landscape lighting design professionals. Tier lighting bathes larger properties, lawns, or gardens in light to create a soothing and serene silhouette while placing lights behind and above plants or beds can cast a comforting glow that showcases your best outdoor features.

Patios and Pergolas

Light up your pergola and patio with contemporary lighting fixtures that will bring some personality and panache to the property. For instance, check out unique pendant light fixtures to hang above a dining table or conversation set; under your pergola, enjoy the ethereal illumination of wired wall sconces, adaptive stake-lights, or solar lanterns. Provide an easy-to-traverse entry and surface for guests that spend time in your space.


Work with our professionals to determine and display the focal points of your property, and to figure out where hardscaping makes the most sense. Position spotlights to shine up, highlighting boulders, gates, or other yard features, while also creating an aesthetically-appealing landscape that requires little-to-no maintenance. Installing small track lights overhead, such as in trees or foliage, can also create a moonlight effect that is very relaxing and restful.

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