I recently contracted with Twelve Oaks Landscape Co to provide Turf Management for for my lawn. I was more than pleased in their quick response to my request for a proposal and subsequent visit to my property to do so. I felt the cost was more than fair considering the 25 mile drive to my place to provide the monthly service. Our service began this week and their technician, Andrew , did a great job in sharing with me what he would be doing each month and the overall experience was very non intrusive of my time and overall efficient service that was provided. I have another friend that uses Twelve Oaks and he was very complimentary of the service and how they conduct their business. : )

– Barry

My lawn has never looked better. Twelve Oaks Landscape uses quality products and takes their time to ensure my lawn looks its best! All at a reasonable cost.

– Shawne

Twelve Oaks has always done a great job for me. The grass in my yard was nearly all weeds, and I hired Twelve Oaks to do monthly turf management. Within a few months, my yard was back in good shape, and Bermuda grass was growing. Highly recommend their turf management service. My only regret was that I didn’t hire them to handle all the grass cutting. If I could sell my mower for a fair price, I’d hire them immediately to manage the grass cutting.

– Matt

My service tech uses judgement before running his machine over our yard. Recently a portion of our yard was still very wet from rain. Using the machine on this portion of our yard would have left ruts. Therefore my Service Tech refrained from fertilizing this portion of the yard at this time. A less responsible person would just have performed as directed regardless of the circumstances. We appreciate this in our Tech and Twelve Oaks.

– Joe

Used for last minute lawn care at multiple homes in the past year and was very pleased with how accommodating they were to try and fit us in. Quality of work was excellent and there is an easy online bill pay option.

– Andrew

They do an outstanding job for our Chick fil-A in Fort Payne.

– Jeff

Planning, Reasonable Pricing, Execution - stands behind work. Will use again!!

– Jeff

The best help and kindness

– David

Fast, friendly, and hard working

– Thor

Wonderful people to work with!

– Tricia

My yard has never look so good. I am glad i called them they came right out and gave me a est and then let me alone to look it over. I took a bout a month to decide to use 12 oaks and man do i like them. They do everything they said they would. and after they cut weed and blow the grass around , we sit out on the porch and just look at the yard and smell the fresh cut grass. Think you guys if your thinking about hiring someone to do your yard call them they are the greatest.

– Walter

Twelve Oaks gets the job done and done right! Hard work and knowledge in the business of landscape and not just yard maintenance is hard to find! Highly recommend

– Cindy

Retaining walls, pavers and sod work done with excellent results and professionalism. They did a great job. Lynnette and I are really pleased with the results. 5 stars

– Jeff

Thank you for getting my parents' landscaping at their new house in much better shape! It looks great!

– Tara

Twelve Oaks Landscape Co. does beautiful landscaping! Have seen the property posted personally and have never seen it look better! Fabulous job, Twelve Oaks!

– Rita

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