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Patios, Walkways, & Sitting Areas

Twelve Oaks Landscape uses patios, walkways and retaining walls to map out a “floor plan” for your outdoor living space. These hardscape features create a framework for movement, visual definition and balance among use areas in your garden. Walls, steps and walkways help us navigate changing elevations on site, or add a variety of levels to a flat site.

There are three basic styles in pool deck and patio design:

  • Organic. The goal is to achieve a natural looking effect. It is balanced but does not rely on perfect symmetry.
  • Casual. This design approach is clean and defined, yet leaves place for surprises. Such as: a sweeping curve, the surprise of a rough hewn chunk of stone, an unexpected flaring or turn in an otherwise straight-forward walkway.
  • Formal. This design style aspires to a tailored, clean lined and symmetrical appearance in the garden environment.

These definitions are simply a leaping off place for the design. Twelve Oaks will provide a landscape architect that will help refine your ideas and develop your personal vision.

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