Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal Flowers: Spruce up Your Yard With Brilliant Blooms

Whether you want bold and dramatic or soft and tranquil, seasonal flowers can enhance any landscape. Seasonal flowers make the difference between extraordinary and average. Quite simply, they add that “wow” factor that every yard needs to stand out. Using our knowledge in horticultural techniques, design and cultural specifications along with our many years of experience, Twelve Oaks Landscape can transform any landscape from boring to beautiful. When it comes to landscape management, seasonal flowers are a must.

Our designers work with you step by step to choose the perfect palette of color schemes and varieties specific to your property. We take into consideration many factors, such as sun/shade conditions, watering situations, available space, budget and style. No matter what the condition — sun or shade, wet or dry, in beds or in containers — we can make your property pop with color.

Here’s a look at the seasonal flower services we offer throughout the spring and fall.


Preparing for summer blooms means planning out the spectrum of colors, heights and shapes to result in an ideal landscape. From Angel Wing Begonias to wave Petunias, this is the time to make an impact with bright colors and contrasting species, creating stunning, unique flower gardens that are sure to impress.

Check out this list of blooms that are perfect for spring and summer:

  • Red Begonia
  • Yellow Lantana
  • Purple Wave Petunia
  • White Begonia
  • Yellow Duranta
  • Blue Ageratum
  • Red Dragon Wing Begonia
  • Purple Angelonia
  • Pink Verbena
  • Caladiums
  • White Lantana
  • Zinnia
  • Impatiens
  • Blue Scaevola
  • Purple Fountain Grass
  • Elephant Ears
  • Gingers
  • Rudbeckia


The fall and winter bring unstable temperatures, requiring hardy flowers that can make it through the cold season, along with ornamental shrubs and grasses. This doesn’t mean your autumn flowers have to be boring. You can still incorporate bright, vibrant options that work in harmony with your existing landscaping. Fall is a critical time for maintenance to prepare for the long, cold winter. Our team will cut your perennials back to six inches above the soil, plant spring-flowering bulbs, plant cool-season annuals, divide and replant overcrowded perennials, and dig and store non-hardy bulbs.

Here are some flowers that do well in the fall and winter:

  • Yellow Pansy
  • Purple Pansy
  • Blue Pansy
  • White Pansy
  • Blotch Pansy
  • Snapdragon
  • Beaconsfield Pansy
  • Cool Water Mix Pansy
  • Rose Pansy
  • Apricot Pansy
  • Hyacinth
  • Tulips
  • Yellow Viola
  • White Viola
  • Blue Viola
  • Orange Viola
  • Chard
  • Daffodils

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Andrew did a great job in sharing with me what he would be doing each month and the overall experience was very non intrusive of my time and overall efficient service that was provided.

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My lawn has never looked better. Twelve Oaks Landscape uses quality products and takes their time to ensure my lawn looks its best!

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Twelve Oaks has always done a great job for me. Within a few months, my yard was back in good shape, and Bermuda grass was growing. Highly recommend their turf management service.

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Used for last minute lawn care at multiple homes in the past year and was very pleased with how accommodating they were to try and fit us in.

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Planning, Reasonable Pricing, Execution - stands behind work. Will use again!!

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They do everything they said they would. and after they cut weeds and blow the grass, we sit out on the porch and just look at the yard and smell the fresh cut grass.

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