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Landscape Design: The Costs

Landscape design is not cheap. We know that here at Twelve Oaks Landscape, and as such, we recognize the concerns homeowners like you have when determining whether or not landscape design is right for you and your budget. Rest assured, we work with you to come up with a plan that incorporates YOUR budget and YOUR needs so that you can feel comfortable going forward. It certainly is possible to design your yard in a beautiful and functional manner without having to spend a fortune.

Typical Costs

Many homeowners choose to hire landscape designers because they don’t have the time, patience or know-how to perform the job themselves. And because landscape design takes attention to detail and commitment over a long period of time, many people just can’t fit it into their schedules on a regular basis to keep their lawn looking good, due to work, family, school and other commitments. As said above, though, the costs can give some homeowners pause, especially when they’re on a strict budget. According to Home Advisor, most people spend between $2000 and $6500 to hire a landscape designer. At the low end, you could spend about $1000 and at the high end, you can spend about $11,000. It all depends on the size of your property, how detailed your plan is, what the work involves, your location and climate, availability of plants, how busy the landscaper is, and how often you want the work done.

Our Process

First off, we’ll sit down with you to talk about your goals and your budget restrictions. After reviewing your goals as a homeowner, we can come up with a better plan of attack. We’ll break your plan down by cost so you can see exactly which line items cost what. Perhaps you’re really focused on manicuring your lawn with neat gardens and streamlined pathways or perhaps you’re more concerned with incorporating landscape lighting to illuminate your property. Whatever you choose, we can develop a plan that’s in line with those needs and how to best go about it.

Factors that Play into Design Phase

There are several factors that come into play regarding landscape design and the expenses that go along with it. Whether you want to keep the plan simple featuring a conceptual design with no specifics on plants but with suggestions on evergreens, or perhaps you want a more detailed design with plant specifics and key details about the color of a tree or when certain plants will bloom. One way to save cash on your landscape design is to start off with a plan in the first place rather than do it piecemeal over a long period of time. This saves our team money, hassle and labor if we have a workable plan from the start, saving you money and time as well. This approach will allow us to better understand what the end goal is. This also allows you as the client the opportunity to handle some of the easier aspects of landscaping while we take care of the more complex work. In the end, having a master plan to work off of throughout the project helps to form an end goal.

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To chat more about the overall costs of a landscape design plan, we welcome you to call Twelve Oaks Landscape at 256-997-9005. It all starts with a plan, so call us today!

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