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Turf Management

From fertilizer to weed control, there are many elements that go into making your grass lush, beautiful and long-lasting. For turf management that keeps your lawn in tip-top shape, turn to Twelve Oaks Landscape. With our plant healthcare department working for you, we don’t just handle turf fertilization and weed control; we also provide professional management of complete healthcare programs for turf, ornamental trees and shrubs. And with technicians who are professionally trained and certified to identify and treat any problems that may crop up, you can rest easy knowing we have the situation covered.

Our Process

Here’s a look at what we can do for you:

  • Aeration and over-seeding
  • Fertilization (turf and ornamentals)
  • Weed control
  • Insect and pest management
  • Disease prevention and control

Here at Twelve Oaks Landscape, we believe the first step to turf management is understanding and evaluating site-specific healthcare needs. Only then can we best recommend applications that will promote a healthy and vigorous landscape. We take your unique landscape into consideration, as there really is no one-size-fits-all solution for grounds care.

During the evaluation process, we will evaluate site conditions, soil analysis, current plant health and client expectations to customize each program to the needs of your property and budget. Each program we design provides fertility and weed control, to be sure, but we also target insect and disease infestations via our Integrated Pest Management practices. This two-pronged approach ensures our clients enjoy a solid return on their investment far into the future. Start with a free quote now to find out how we can help.

Types of Turf

We handle many different types of turf from Bermudagrass to centipede. Each one is different and each one requires varying levels of care. Let’s go into detail on each type of turf we deal with:

  • Bermudagrass — A hardy grass that does well in lots of sun, Bermudagrass is a low-growing, durable variant of grass that can withstand high levels of foot and pet traffic. It’s drought-resistant and therefore only needs to be watered once to twice a week. When mowing, we recommend reducing to a height of only one to one-and-a-half inches; any more, and your lawn can become stressed.
  • Fescue — Also drought-resistant, Fescue grass doesn’t need as much mowing, watering or fertilizing, making this an environmentally-friendly choice. It should be over-seeded as needed in the fall or spring.
  • Centipede — Ideal for busy lifestyles, centipede grass has the lowest maintenance needs of many warm-season grasses, with the ability to thrive in any condition, from sandy to clay-based soils.
  • Zoysia —This soft, dense turf grass option is also heat- and drought-resistant, standing up well to heavy foot traffic when properly cared for. Characterized by stiff leaf blades, Zoysia features low-water and nutritional requirements thanks to its dense growth pattern.

Fertilization and Emergent Weed Control

Fertilizing and weed control are both imperative aspects of any good turf management protocol. We treat your lawn with fertilizers and herbicides to guarantee that your lawn will stay lush and green for the season. This way, it’s better able to combat conditions like droughts, weeds and crabgrass. A healthy lawn depends on the food you feed it. We can discuss a schedule of fertilizer and emergent weed control. Typically, we fertilize in mid-spring when the soil has reached 55° Fahrenheit, then again in late summer. We apply pre-emergents in early spring to prevent the growth of weeds and crabgrass.

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