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Better than BBQ? Your Backyard Kitchen Just Might Be.

Outdoor kitchens can involve any number of cooking and dining features, but no matter what preferences you have for your backyard build, the Twelve Oaks Landscape team is the local company you can trust to get it done right. Affordable, functional, and aesthetically appealing, the vast majority of the clients who come to us for outdoor living construction and landscape design are more than happy with the final product.

Whether you choose to go with a built-in grill that offers several feet of counter space on either side, or you decide to invest in custom masonry for an outdoor pizza oven, you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with whatever you order from our service menu, and that the quality of workmanship we provide will always be suited to meet your tastes — Contact Twelve Oaks Landscape Co. today to get a quote on your outdoor construction project, and explore our blog to read additional resources on outdoor living and more.

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When the landscape design program calls for a fully functional kitchen outdoors, we need to put some extra thought into it. Good planning will directly affect how much use and enjoyment you ultimately get from your outdoor kitchen. Below you’ll find a few of the many important points that our landscape architects will consider during the preliminary planning phases of your backyard-based culinary construction.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces can be built into your landscape and patio or they can be standalone models like chimineas. Outside fireplaces tend to be safer because they are enclosed within a structure so you don’t have to worry about smoldering ashes, wind gusts, and flying sparks. There are many materials to use in their construction, including stone, brick, steel, clay, cast iron and cast aluminum. Built-in fireplaces made of mortar and bricks or stone provide a sturdy, permanent structure that can withstand Mother Nature for many years. A professional must build custom outdoor fireplaces, which increases the price but this is the best way to ensure a long life span for the unit.

Steel fireplaces are less expensive and lighter, usually available with a 360° see-through screen for easy viewing. Grills and charcoal options can be added so as to make outdoor cooking easy. Clay offers a rustic look at a more affordable price; however, it’s heavy and can’t stand up to the weather as well as other materials. Cast iron units are sturdy yet heavy, which means they’ll have to take up a permanent place on your patio. Cast aluminum is lighter and less expensive, better able to withstand the elements than its cousin, cast iron.

The way you fuel your fireplace can also differ. There are gas and propane fireplaces for fuel efficiency and ease of lighting, as well as wood burning fireplaces that take longer to cultivate but add more ambiance.

You Craft The Recipe. We Construct The Rest.

At Twelve Oaks Landscape Co., we consider every ingredient of the construction and design process to ensure that your outdoor kitchen satisfies every craving for many years and countless meals to come.

Kitchen Design.

The same functional design principles that govern your indoor kitchen apply outdoors. Task areas must be defined for food preparation, cooking, serving, seating and clean up. You will need lighting at task areas and for general illumination.


Ideally, we’ll want to locate your outdoor kitchen in a spot that gets some natural shade. Otherwise, we may suggest building a pergola for canopy. A fully roofed structure such as a pavilion or pool house will shelter your kitchen equally well from rain as it does from the sun. If you’d prefer to keep it simple, stylish umbrellas in a spectrum of designs can almost always do the trick.


Gas, water, and electric lines will be needed in most outdoor kitchens. The distances those essential lines have to travel to reach your outdoor kitchen may affect the cost — but our quality of work is always just as high.

Storage & Supplies.

Convenience is the first consideration of any outdoor kitchen site location. You will need to bring supplies to the kitchen and remove waste, after all. If the kitchen is too far from the house, you likely won’t love running back and forth to get the seasonings and utensils.


We position the grill station so that prevailing winds blow the smoke away from seating and dining areas.


Durability is the word. Your outdoor kitchen needs to stand tough through the hot, the cold, the humid, and the downright downpours that it may encounter. We most often install or suggest stone or masonry bases for countertops — and oftentimes, the material used is the same variety of stone we use for paving. We apply thermal conditioning and sealants to prevent stains, too.

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