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In the humidity of the Southern U.S., whether you reside in Alabama or run a business property in Tennessee, you want your outdoor living space to be both comfortable and functional. These fresh-air areas allow you to enjoy the outdoors while being just as comfortable as you would be on an indoor couch. At Twelve Oaks Landscape, we understand the balance between form and function, especially when it comes to outdoor living. So no matter what part of the South you happen to live in, our contractors likely service your area. work with you to come up with a unique design that you can feel eager to call your “home sweet home.”

Remodeling? Be Sure To Add Outdoor Enhancements.

According to a recent survey from Houzz, more than half of U.S. homeowners plan to remodel within the next two years to add value to their homes. However, it’s not what’s inside that matters most.

A study by RealEstate.com suggests that landscaping and hardscaping can deliver a whopping return on investment as high as 150 percent – an ROI that puts it ahead of popular home improvement projects like kitchen or bathroom updates.

“When I bring a buyer to a home that features state-of-the-art landscaping and elements like a fire pit and high-end pavers, there’s an immediate assumption that the inside of the house will be as spectacular as the outside,” says John Duffy of Duffy Real Estate. “Now we have research that shows that homebuyers will pay a premium for a nicely landscaped property, particularly one that features elements like an outdoor fireplace and finishes in stone or brick. The new mantra in home buying is location, location, landscape.”

According to RealEstate.com, for every dollar spent on upgrading a backyard or outdoor space, a homeowner can expect to get back anywhere from 60 cents to two dollars. With up to 14 percent added to the home’s resale value; on a $500,000 home, which is nearly $75,000.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces can be built into your landscape and patio or they can be standalone models like chimineas. Outside fireplaces tend to be safer because they are enclosed within a structure so you don’t have to worry about smoldering ashes, wind gusts, and flying sparks. There are many materials to use in their construction, including stone, brick, steel, clay, cast iron and cast aluminum. Built-in fireplaces made of mortar and bricks or stone provide a sturdy, permanent structure that can withstand Mother Nature for many years. A professional must build custom outdoor fireplaces, which increases the price but this is the best way to ensure a long life span for the unit.

Steel fireplaces are less expensive and lighter, usually available with a 360° see-through screen for easy viewing. Grills and charcoal options can be added so as to make outdoor cooking easy. Clay offers a rustic look at a more affordable price; however, it’s heavy and can’t stand up to the weather as well as other materials. Cast iron units are sturdy yet heavy, which means they’ll have to take up a permanent place on your patio. Cast aluminum is lighter and less expensive, better able to withstand the elements than its cousin, cast iron.

The way you fuel your fireplace can also differ. There are gas and propane fireplaces for fuel efficiency and ease of lighting, as well as wood burning fireplaces that take longer to cultivate but add more ambiance.

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Andrew did a great job in sharing with me what he would be doing each month and the overall experience was very non intrusive of my time and overall efficient service that was provided.

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Twelve Oaks has always done a great job for me. Within a few months, my yard was back in good shape, and Bermuda grass was growing. Highly recommend their turf management service.

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Used for last minute lawn care at multiple homes in the past year and was very pleased with how accommodating they were to try and fit us in.

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Planning, Reasonable Pricing, Execution - stands behind work. Will use again!!

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